August 21st

On the occasion of the forthcoming mountaineering expedition to Mount Fuji in Japan, which will be held in the period from August 23rd to September 4th, the member of which for the first time will be the citizen of Nis Miroslav Dokman the reception was organized at Nis City Hall during which Nis City Deputy Mayor Milos Bandjur presented the ceremonial flag of the City of Nis, which will be hanged on the highest peak of Japan. “The City of Nis is looking forward to the success of every fellow citizen, we see it as our success; we are pleased that Miroslav Dokman was last year the member of the expedition that won the highest peak of Europe and Russia-Elbrus. This year he is going to climb the highest peak of Japan-Mount Fuji and we are proud that today we could present the flag of the City of Nis to him to be put up on Fuji on the morning of the sunrise in the land of the emerging sun, “said the Deputy Mayor Milos Bandjur. Miroslav Dokman has been engaged in hiking for more than a decade.


July 10th

Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic met today with Nis University Volleyball team that won bronze medal at the European Championship in Poland. “It was our goal to come back with the medal since we have tradition for the past few years to bring home medals”, said the team coach Milan Rasic. In addition to the bronze, two volleyball players won individual awards for the defense specialist and libero thus entering the ideal team of the championship. “The impressions are great. The only regret is that we did not win the gold medal. We played semi-finals against the hosts- Poland who had the support from the stands,” says Nemanja Opacic, the member of the team.



At the ceremony held at Nis City Hall young athletes from Nis received today scholarship contracts, whose monthly amount is 6000 dinars, and represent a symbolic way of expressing gratitude to talented athletes, who in different disciplines defend the colors of this city and our country. A total of 56 scholarships were awarded on the basis of a decision of the expert commission. On this occasion Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic said that Serbia was the country of sports and that it had been proven by the achieved results in many sports discipline. The City of Nis recognizes the needs of young athletes and wants to help their further development.


June 19th

The best pilots from 30 countries of the world, from all continents, came to Nis for the World Cup in Paragliding, in cross-country flying, which will be held until June 24th in Nis. The best pilots, 130 of them, will compete in racing on altitudes up to 3,500 meters.

“Here are the best pilots of the world, our dear guests. We are honored that we can be their hosts. We will do everything that is necessary, and we have already done a lot of things during the preparation period for this cup, so that the competition can be held to everyone’s satisfaction. In addition to the impressions that they will have from the angle from which they observe the world, besides the adrenaline, which undoubtedly this sport provides, as I am informed, the greatest impression is of the beautiful nature of the south of Serbia. We have something to boast about and be proud of. I am sure that our dear guests will have the best memoires of the beautiful nature”, as Mayor Bulatovic said. He added that the local self-government did everything that was necessary in order for this competition be organized in the best possible way.

“During the past year, we had many activities, many high level organizations of global and European significance; we organized the stay of the RS Government in Nis. And now everything is much easier. We are pleased to be the hosts and organizers of all the contents that this city needs and which we have been missing for decades” as Buylatovic said.
The Paragliding World Cup was organized by the Aeronautical Association of Serbia, supported by the line ministry, the City of Nis and the City Municipality of Pantelej.


June 19th

The representatives of Serbia will fight at the Naissus Boxing Night that will be held at the Nis Quay Amphitheater on June 30th, as it was announced at the press conference held at Nis City Hall. The goal of this event is to get the boxing back to Serbia, since it has been neglected recently, despite the great tradition that this sport has in our country, said Nenad Borovcanin, the former champion of Europe. He added that Nis was a city with a great tradition in martial arts and, after Krusevac and Zajecar, the citizens of Nis will have the opportunity to enjoy the ultimate fighting of our national team.
Branislav Kacar, the member of Nis City Council, pointed out that Nis would have four representatives in the opening and main battles. Otherwise, this international event was held last year and the amphitheater at quay was too small to receive all those who wanted to enjoy the top boxing.


May 24th

“Football Club Radnicki Nis is the city club and therefore we are extremely concerned about the latest developments in connection with obtaining euro license. As the City of Nis administration we have always tried to help Football Club Radnicki to overcome financial problems in the previous period in order to be able to compete in the national football league and to respect all the laws of our country. For this reason we are concerned because of the fact that some football clubs, which are record holders in long-term debt and whose bank accounts have been blocked for years, found virtually “overnight” money and unblocked the accounts. We think that it would not be a good idea to ignore the laws of our Republic, and that it is necessary to respect the rules continuously, not just when it suits individuals. Football is not just a game on the field but and fulfilling legislative obligations.

As the City of Nis we are concerned with the possibility for the club who has been working “illegally” for years to obtain the license. If this really happens, it will definitely reward contempt of the state and its laws. The data at our disposal show that Football Club Radnicki Nis paid around 9 million in taxes to the Republic of Serbia, as well as 30 million dinars for the arrears of the past in the last two months.

City of Nis  will continue to support sports and athletes, and we sincerely hope that the respect for the laws of the country is above all,” as Nis City Council Member Branislav Kacar sis in his press release.


May 24th

Nis City Council Member Branislav Kacar was the host at the reception organized for the members of the Table Tennis Club for people with disabilities Nais who, competing for the Serbian national team, won 6 medals and four cups at the first international tournament in Podgorica. Besides the Serbian national team the teams from Croatia FYROM and Montenegro participated in the tournament. According to table tennis players, the conditions for training in Nis and the past problems have been overcome.

According to Branislav Kacar the conditions were fulfilled for Table Tennis Club for people with disabilities Nais to compete for the funds allocated by the City of Nis. He congratulated the athletes on the excellent results and promised that the city would help to further improve their conditions for training and announced the reconstruction of table tennis home the following year, as well as adopting toilet facilities for the people with disabilities, which currently posed a problem. In addition, through the Sports Association of Nis, the sports equipment will be donated and the City will help with the trip to the competition in Germany this July.


May 16th

In the period from June 9th to June 17th, Nis will be the center of chess since European Amateur Chess Championship will be held in our city.

The Championship will be held at the Hotel Tami Congress Hall and the total prize fund of the tournament in Nis is 3,000 euros.

Besides this championship, the tournament Nis Open will be held at the Hotel Zeleni Vir from June 27th to July 5th.

Branislav Kacar, the member of Nis City Council, expressed, at the press conference held at Nis City Hall, his satisfaction with the fact that Nis will be the city of chess in the forthcoming months. Recently, the reception was organized at Nis City Hall for the young and successful chess players from Nis.


May 9th

The reception was organized at Nis City Hall for young chess players from Nis who won several medals at the state championship.  The young chess players were received by Nis City Council Member Branislav Kacar, who, on this occasion gave City of Nis Sports Association plaques of honors as the tribute to the medal winners. They won medals at the recent national championship for the blitz, rapid, problem and standard chess. Jovan Stevanovic was the best in standard and rapid chess, while Pavle Ciric triumphed in problem chess and Anja Simic won second place in this category. Ilija Stanojevic and Filip Zdravkovic won the first and third place in the standard chess category.


April 5th, 2017

The Memorial Tournament Play for 16 has been organized by public broadcaster Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) for the past 18 years and it is dedicated to the memory of 16 employees of RTS who were killed in the NATO bombing on April 23rd, 1999.

The tournament has been organized in other Serbian cities besides Belgrade since 2013. This year 16 teams competed at the tournament held in Nis. Like last year the team “Market Ama” won. They will participate in the Tornament Super Finals that will be held in Belgrade this weekend.

On this occasion, the member of Nis City Council Branislav Kacar organized a reception for the team that would represent Nis in Belgrade in the tournament where the competition did not matter as much as the message that the tournament was conveying, i.e., the memory of the tragically killed young people whom should never be forgotten.

This is the first year that the City of Nis is actively helping the tournament organization in many ways. First of all, the city administration gives its sports facilities for free so that tournament can be held, helps to transport team to Belgrade Finals, and the City of Nis Administration team is participating in the tournament as well.
The City of Nis has recognized that it is important to remember the innocent victims but that it is the opportunity to promote sports, healthy living and mini-football as one of the most recognizable brands of Nis through socializing and competition.

At the reception held at Nis City Hall, the member of Nis City Council Branislav Kacar presented to the team captain the coin with the image of Emperor Constantine the Great as well as balls for mini-football and the City of Nis will provide sports uniforms for the tram and it will organizethe trip to Belgrade.

The whole Serbia, through the mini-football tournament, pays tribute to the tragically killed RTS employees but also to all victims of NATO aggression against our country, with a clear message – that they shall never be forgotten.