September 8th

In the year 1905, enchanted by the beauty of the Sicevacka gorge, the great Serbian painter Nadezda Petrovic gathered her Slovenian and Croatian colleagues with whom she studied in Munich. The first Yugoslav Art Colony was formed that year. The first art colony besides Nadezda Petrovic gatherd  Rihard Jakopic, Ivan Grohar, Ferdo Vesel, Pasko Vucetic and Ivan Mestrovic. Each of them imparted their imprints and dedication to nature and transposed it into a pictorial language and sculpture. The Sicevo Art Colony with its entire fifty-year existence has followed and in some way encouraged the development of contemporary art in our country, continuing the tradition of Nadezda Petrovic, which has survived for more than half a century. Traditional participation in this event is taken by artists from the country and abroad who have the opportunity to create in a beautiful natural environment. Painters from Lithuania, France, Mexico, Japan and Romania, as well as seven artists from our country – from Belgrade, Aleksinac and Vranje – took part in this year’s Sicevo Art Colony.



The new Nis City Council held its first session chaired by the Nis City Mayor Mr. Darko Bulatović. The session was held due to the decisions that were necessary to be adopted before the session of Nis City Assembly. The first decision by the Council was to appoint Ms. Marina Jankovic as the new Secretary General of the Council. It has not been decided yet whether the members of Nis City Council would be in charge specific areas and projects.” We are going to find the best solution. In any case, the door is open for the public and the media at any time, on issues within our jurisdiction that are of interest to citizens, “as Mayor Bulatovic said.