• The Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey organized the reception for children from Nis who won the competition “Serbia in the Rhythm of Europe”. In this way the ambassador wanted to reward the friends and children, who represented Turkey in Sombor in June at the “Serbia in the Rhythm of Europe” competition and won.


  • The regular cargo by the Turkish cargo company Turkish Cargo was established from the Airport Constantine the Great which would fly on route Istanbul-Nis-Istanbul every Monday.


  • The financial sponsor of the musical piece Constantinus Magnus which was performed as part of the state program of commemoration of the Edict of Milan was the Embassy of Turkey in Belgrade.


  • The cooperation started in 2009 with Izmit successfully continued with the visit of the delegation of the City of Nis and the visit of the Academic Choir of the Student Cultural Center within the manifestation “Days of Tolerance” in this Turkish city.


  • The delegation from the City of Nis attended the celebration of 1700 years of Edict in Nicomedia in Izmit Turkey. In this city, the Roman emperor of the Galerius in 311 published the “Edict on Religious Tolerance”, which preceded the Edict on Tolerance by which Constantine the Great, in Milan in 313, declared Christianity an official religion.


  • The Embassy of Turkey in Belgrade financially supported the participation of representatives of the City of Izmit at the conference entitled Directions and Modalities of International Cooperation of the City of Nis in the Field of Culture held in Nis in February. The conference is part of the project “Development of the Program Basis and Promotion of the Nis City Office for International Cooperation in Science, Education and Culture”. The first day of the conference was the final step before the establishment of the Nis City Office for International Cooperation in Science, Education and Culture. Its purpose was to hear, after initial internal consultations, the opinions and suggestions of important partners outside the city – representatives of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, cultural attachés of embassies and cultural centers in Serbia, representatives of the donor community and local experts in the field of cultural policies. The second day of the conference was dedicated to presentations and exchange of experience in the field of research, protection, valorization and promotion of the cultural heritage of Constantine cities: Trier (Germany), Arles (France), Milan (Italy), Izmit (Turkey), Karnuntum-Petrpneli (Austria) , York (United Kingdom) and Nis (Serbia).


  • The Embassy of Turkey in Belgrade financially supported the organization of the 26th Nishville International Festival.


  • The Protocol on Twinning between the City of Nis and City of Edirne was signed.