August 21, 2020

The members of the City of Nis Assembly elected Mrs. Dragana Sotirovski from Serbian Progressive Party as the new Mayor of the City of Nis. Dušica Davidović, from Serbian Progressive Party, was elected Deputy Mayor.  Niš City Assembly also elected 9 members of the Niš City Council Board. The future councilors of Niš City Council Board are: Slobodan Randjelović, Sonja Milojković, Adriana Anastasov, Nenad Stanković, Marija Randjelović, Predrag Stojanović, Vladislav Marijanović, Miroslav Djokić and Branislav Kačar. The members of the city parliament also adopted the proposal to elect Igor Novaković as the Deputy Speaker of the City Assembly.


January 6th

Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic, on the occasion of the Christmas celebration, extended his greetings to all fellow citizens: “In the light of the birth of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, to all believers and the clergy of the Orthodox religion, I wish that this most joyful holiday of Christian culture is welcomed surrounded by the closest ones, in peace, love, health and joy. May the grace of the birth of Christ forever remind us of the power of love, of goodness, of communion, and of the beauty and richness of religious, cultural and all other diversity. Let us rejoice in each other, exchange words of love and warmth, forgive mistakes, and strengthen our faith and hope. May Christmas bring to my fellow citizens spiritual peace, prosperity, success and happiness. Merry Christmas!”


December 27th
Ten years ago Russian specialists began demining of the terrain and airport runways in Nis. On the occasion of 10th anniversary, a memorial plaque was unveiled at the airport terminal. The ceremony was attended by the city top officials and the cultural attaché and the first adviser to the Russian Embassy Aleksandar Konanihin. In addition to cluster bombs, Russian Special Forces also found four air bombs, five mortar mines, seven bullets for an anti-aircraft weapons and one detonator, and some parts of the arsenal originated from the Second World War. Over 704,000 square meters at the airport and its surroundings were examined during demining operations. The Government of the Russian Federation had approved six million dollars  for the demining activities at the location of Nis airport. This memorial plaque represents a modest sign of the gratitude of the citizens of Nis for the professionally done job of removing the remnants of bombs from the airport area.



December 27th
On the occasion of the unveiling of the memorial plaque at the Nis airport, in memory of the 10th anniversary of the removal of the unexploded explosive items from the area of Nis Airport,
Aleksandar Nikolaevich Konanihin, the attaché of culture and first adviser at the Russian Embassy visited Nis. He met with the Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic and the Deputy Mayor Milos Bandjur and then they all together attended the ceremony of unveiling the memorial plaque. During the meeting the cooperation between the city and the Russian Embassy was rated as very good. The officials discussed providing assistance to the Serbian-Russian Friendship Association, which the City of Nis, along with the embassy, would help logistically and financially. The representatives of the Serbian-Russian Humanitarian Center attended the meeting in the held at Nis City Hall.



December 24th
Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic extended his greeting on the occasion of the Christmas, the most joyous Christian holiday, to all those celebrating Christmas according to the Gregorian calendar.
“May this great holiday bring health, love and hope to you. Celebrate it in peace, rest and joy, in the circle of your loved ones; let the holiday strengthen the most human values, such as, respect, appreciation and understanding of diversity.”



November 23rd

In the next 14 months, in the proximity of the technical faculties of the University of Nis, the Science-Technical Park will be built, worth over EUR 10 million. The foundation stone was laid down by Serbian Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development Mladen Sarcevic, the Rector of the University of Nis, Dragan Antic, Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic, and the Director of the European Investment Bank (EIB) for the Balkans, Dubravka Negre. Along with the funds for the construction, provided by the EIB, the state of Serbia will invest another EUR 1 million for modern equipment for innovative research, Minister Sarcevic announced.
“After Belgrade, which already has a STP, and Novi Sad, where the construction will be completed by the end of the year, Nis will be the third city in our country to get a STP. The investments of our state in the construction of these centers have already reached EUR 100 million”, as Sarcevic said. Antic said that “the initiative for the construction of the STP started a decade ago, but is only being realized now” and emphasized that it would create “good conditions for the further development of technological sciences, that is ICT and knowledge transfer, as the most valuable product” in Nis.  Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic emphasized that this was a fulfillment of another promise given two years ago during the seven-day stay of the Serbian Government in Nis. “Our dream of Nis, as Balkan electronics center, starts to be reality with the beginning of the construction of the science and technology park”, said Nis City Mayor. Negre pointed out that the EIB invested considerable funds in science and advanced technologies, as well as the development of this part of the continent. She added that it contributed to keeping the most talented and hard working in the country.


140 years ago, First Grammar School Stevan Sremac was founded. The school started working by the Order of Prince Milan Obrenovic, on September 27th, 1878, in the year of liberation of the southern parts of Serbia from the Turks. This year’s event marking the Day of the School and the anniversary began with a traditional competition in rhetoric, and today a special ceremony was held at the National Theater. Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic congratulated the anniversary and used this special occasion to remind everyone about famous and important people who attended this grammar school.

“We are celebrating 140 years since the school started working,” said the school principle Milan Stojanovic. “It’s a great jubilee. This is not just an anniversary of our school. This is an event that is significant for our city, and for the whole country. Some people who were part of this school, in one way or another, have entered the history of our country. These are people from the world of art, culture, politics and general public life. Many important people were students of this school” said director Stojanovic. Principle Stojanovic particularly pointed out one person – a professor and writer Stevan Sremac, after which the school took its name. “He left a great mark in our school, and he connected us with other parts of the country. He was a man who erased all the borders, and he celebrated not only our school by working here, but also Nis in his works”.


November 21st

Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic has appointed Milos Milosevic as new Assistant Mayor in charge of urban planning, land development and energy sector.  According to Mayor Bulatovic Milos Milosevic was successful in performing his tasks as the member of Nis City Council for the past two years and the Mayor asked him to continue the cooperation in the capacity of Assistant Mayor supervising the same sectors.


Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic met with the US Ambassador to Serbia, Mr. Kyle Scott. At the meeting, the good cooperation between the local self-government and the United States Embassy was noted, especially in the field of civil sector development and the expansion of economic, cultural and scientific cooperation. The Mayor informed the Ambassador Scott about the current activities in the city, primarily about the stabilization of the budget, which increased the capacities and potentials for development and attraction of new investments. Speaking about cooperation with the US, Mayor Bulatovic highlighted the example of Philip Morris, who recently marked 15 years of business operations in Nis, and remained the largest and most significant foreign investment in Nis, and expressed his hope that other American companies would choose Nis for locating their business operations especially considering that the future Scientific and Technological Park would have capacities favorable for some of the American IT giants. Ambassador Scott said that the US Embassy in Belgrade was sincerely committed to maintaining the best connections between the American and Serbian people, which has been confirmed so far by donations, such as today, for the Children’s Oncology Clinic, but also through support to numerous civil sector projects, media and, of course, the development of economy, science, culture and art. Ambassador Scott emphasized the readiness to support every intention of American investors to come to Nis, which he said was of great importance for the development of this part of the country, and the improvement of relations between the United States and Serbia.


In the presence Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic, the members of Nis City Council and the management of the Airport Constantine the Great the first flight from Vienna arrived in Nis. Thus the new line Vienna – Nis – Vienna was officially established. The flights are scheduled for Tuesdays and Saturdays, and in certain months on Thursdays. The one-way tickets are on sale from 2399 RSD. The price includes all taxes except for the service for issuing a plane ticket. Wizz Air says this is “a great opportunity for Serbian travelers to discover one of the European cultural centers at a favorable price of tickets for 19.99 euros”. Mayor Darko Bulatovic said that the launching of this line, as well as the enormous interest of passengers for it, was a sure proof that Nis airport had a future. “Since the beginning of this year, about 310,000 passengers have flown from the Nis airport, which is about 8 % more than last year, and we are sure that the plan of having 360 ​​000 passengers this year will be achieved. I am sure that next year, this number will be surpassed, “Bulatovic said. In response to the increased demand and desire for a number of favorable travel opportunities, Wizz Air continues to expand its network of lines from Serbia, offering this year a total of 20 routes to 8 countries available with two Serbian airports, which will further contribute to the increase in incoming and outgoing tourism trends and improve business relationships between countries.