The reception for the high delegation of the State Fire Protection Service University from St. Petersburg, which is part of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, was held at Nis City Hall. The guests from Russia were welcomed by the Deputy Mayor Prof. dr Milos Bandjur on the behalf of the Nis City. The delegation of the University was led by the Major Eduard Cizikov, who in 2014 led the Russian rescuers during the floods in Obrenovac and Igor Osipchuk the Rector of this university. In a friendly conversation with the representatives of this elite Russian higher education institution, the possibilities for cooperation in the field of education have been considered.  The representative office of this University will be opened in Nis in the premises of the Serbian-Russian Humanitarian Center. General Eduard Nikolaevich Cizikov, former Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations and Chief Military Expert of the Ministry of Civil Defense Affairs, Emergency Situations and the Mitigation of the Consequences of the Natural Disasters of the Russian Federation, today is the Rector of the State Fire Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations at St. Petersburg University and he  is well known to the public in Serbia because of the prompt action of arriving to rescue mission for people in Obrenovac in less than 12 hours.