Cooperation between the City of Nis and the French municipality Montsegur started in October 2012 in the framework of decentralized cooperation with the Council of the Department of Gironde, and at the initiative of the French Embassy in Serbia, with the agreement that this cooperation would be dedicated to youth, culture and sustainable local development as it was

Lavern and Nis City Deputy Mayor Milos Bandjur. He emphasized the importance of this cooperation which was primarily reflected in the exchange of experiences in the field of culture. At the same time the Deputy Mayor thanked Mr. Lavern, who, on his arrival to Nis, emphasized the importance of Nisville Jazz Festival, at the same time mentioning that the festival would be opened by mixed young jazz band composed of 17 musicians from our city and 23 musicians from Montsegur. He praised the jazz festival and stressed that it meant a great deal to him that he was in Nis on this special occasion to support the joint jazz band and that he could learn about the organization of the festival because the Montsegur had their own jazz festival they were very proud of.