November 20th


Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic and his associates met with the scout delegation led by the president of the European Scout Region, Kevin Camilleri. On this occasion, Mayor Bulatovic pointed out that the City recognized the value and significance of the City of Nis Scout Association. Through the planned implementation of the scouts’ activities, morally sensitive and socially responsible individuals are created, whose capacities can be of great importance to the local and wider community. The work of scout organizations is very important in the development of the intellectual, spiritual and social potentials of young people, and therefore their efforts to lead and educate the youth will have support and help of local self-government, said Mayor Bulatovic. During the discussion, the significance, success and continuity of the Scout Association of the City of Nis was emphasized. Through the 106-year-long history tens of thousands of young people passed through City of Nis Scout Association and today they are “professional, honest and responsible members of our community, but the most important thing is that they are good people.” President of the European Scout Committee, Kevin Camilleri, praised the work of the City of Nis Scout Association which fostered a very successful and long cooperation with the European Scout Committee. The success of the Scout Association of Serbia was also pointed out by the Head of the Scout Association of Serbia Tanja Jankovic.


November 20th


The novel If You Look Long Enough into Abyss by Enes Halilovic was awarded with the prestigious literary award Stevan Sremac. The award-winning novel was selected by the jury as the best of the submitted novels, and characterized it as a real Greek tragedy in the Novi Pazar way. The writer Enes Halilovic described the biography of the heroine Neira Bugarin with the quill pen dipped in the torment and ruin of his native region. The book is written without the desire to calculate, or to humor, without the need to exaggerate this or that literary strategy on its pages. The testimony left in the novel If You Look Long Enough into Abyss is there to excite, shake and inspire to thinking. On behalf of the City of Nis the award was presented by Nis City Council Member for Culture Jelena Mitrovska. This is the second literary award for this writer, since in 2012 he received the Branko Miljković award for the book “Poems of Disease and Health”.


November 17th


Nis City Council Member for Culture Jelena Mitrovski opened the second Nis Salon, a significant exhibition within which 12 artists presented their works. On this occasion Mitrovski emphasized that such cultural manifestations were a kind of confirmation that our city affirmed contemporary arts. “Culture is undoubtedly the best and easiest way to communicate among people, and the language of fine arts is universal. As a local self-government, we strive to nurture art, encourage young people to love it, but also, thanks to cultural events like this, reach all art lovers”. She added that the artists, whose works were exhibited, by the quality of their work, set a strong foundation for even more ambitious plans. “This is a good indication of the long and successful tradition of the Nis Salon. As the City, we give full support to the organization of such events, “concluded Mitrovski.


November 20th

On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the founding of the Academic Choir of the Student Cultural Center of the University of Nis, the gala concert will be held on Wednesday, November 22nd at the Officers’ Mess Building in Nis with the performances of the Chamber Choir of the University Adam Mickiewicz from Poznan, Poland and the Nis Symphony String Orchestra. Nis City Council member for Culture Jelena Mitrovska met today with the representatives of the Polish Choir, the founder and the conductor of the Chamber Choir Krzysztof Szydzisz, the guest conductor from Ecuador Fernando Hill Estrado. On this occasion, Mitrovski said that the concert was the part of the bigger project that had yet to come to life and that the work of the Student Cultural Center Academic Choir was important not only for the University of Nis but for the whole city. She added that it was the great honor that the city could host such renowned choir and conductors.