October 7th

The reception was organized at Nis City Hall for the students from Banja Luka who were visiting the Faculty of Philosophy in Nis. They were welcomed by Nis City Deputy Mayor Milos Bandjur who said that Nis and Banja Luka were two important regional centers, two basic points, some kind of western and southern and eastern defense lines. Talking about the current moment, he pointed out the current investments in the city such as building of factories, but also the building of the science and technology park. “It is good when two universities, two faculties of philosophy are developing cooperation. It is good that people who are living at two ends of the Serbian national space visit each other, socialize, exchange experiences. Both Nis and Banja Luka are important cities in every aspect, geostrategic, political. The Governments of the Republic of Serbia and the Republic Srpska pay great attention to the development of these two important centers”, as Deputy Mayor Bandjur said on this occasion. Srdja Preradovic from the Faculty of Philosophy from Banja Luka thanked for the warm welcome on behalf of his fifty colleagues visiting Nis. “Some of us are for the third time in Nis and I am sure that my colleagues who are visiting Nis for the first time will feel as welcomed as I always felt each time I visited Nis. I hope that the cooperation between our two faculties will continue in the future”.


October 7th

Nis City Deputy Mayor Milos Bandjur has met with the children from Macedonia, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Russia who are participating in the international meeting of children entitled Joy of Europe held in Nis. The children’s meetings have been organized for the past 10 years by the Church ensemble Branko from Nis with the help of the Children’s Cultural Center in Belgrade. This is the 10th jubilee festival “Friendship Meetings – Joy of Europe” in Nis, and this year’s motto of the festival has been inspired by the verses written by poet Mika Antic – Every child has wings, he or she has just to remember where they grow hidden, and they will immediately fly.