August 18th

At the press conference held today at Nis City Hall the local economic development programme measures were presented envisaged by the City of Nis with the objective of creating favorable business environment, new jobs, conditions for establishing the company and strengthening the competitiveness of Nis economy. There are ongoing public calls for each of the above stated programme measures. According to the Assistant Mayor Dragoslav Pavlovic, the expected effects of the local economic development program are increasing the availability of credit lines, increasing the visibility and competitiveness of MSME products, improving the business and developing new products and services, improving the business climate and growth of investments at the local level, increasing the number of self-employed and employed persons etc.

Head of the Office for Local Economic Development Milan Randjelovic pointed out that the local government launched the public call on august 11th for the allocation of incentive funds in the framework of the realization of the local economic development program, inviting banks interested in short-term lending to business entities from Nis with the participation of the city subsidizing interest on loans for the procurement of working capital, covering costs of purchasing machinery and equipment for modernization of the production process, stabilization of production, investments in new modern means of production and operation, construction, reconstruction and renovation of office space, new employment. The minimum loan for which the interest will be subsidized is 100,000.00 dinars, and the maximum amount of 1,500,000.00 dinars. For this purpose the City of Nis has allocated 5,000,000.00 dinars. According to Randjelović the deadline for submission of bids is August 21st.

In addition to this, the City of Nis also envisaged the following measures: internationalization, improvement of competitiveness and improvement of cooperation between the companies and educational institutions that are accredited. For realization of the measure of internationalization 3 million dinars are foreseen, and for this measure, public calls for businesses and clusters with business headquarters in Nis were launched on August 15th. According to Randjelovic, the promotion of competitiveness is a measure of providing assistance to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises through implementation of standards, certification and recertification, market research, testing of new products, The funds, he adds, are allocated to cover 50% of the eligible costs, with a limit of up to 300,000.00 dinars per company. The planned amount for realization of the measure is 6 million dinars, the public call was announced on August 15th and the funds were provided in the budget. 4 million dinars were secured for the improvement of cooperation between the companies and education-scientific institutions.

According to the Member of Nis City City Council for Economy Mihajlo Zdravkovic the City of Nis has allocated 30 million dinars from the budget this year for incentives for employment of hard-to-employ labor categories and this project is being implemented in cooperation with the National Employment Service Branch in Nis which provided 24 million. The public call for self-employment is open until August 30th. So far 56 requests have been submitted. Public invitation for subsidy for employment of persons from the hard-to-employ category  is open until November 30th, i.e. until all the available funds have been spent. According to the program of professional practice 25 persons have been hired and this public call is closed as well as the public call for participation in public works, through which 94 people were hired.