October 26th

The first children’s playground built within the socially responsible action of the Company Imlek “My Little Cow – Grow Happily” was officially opened today in the park of St. Sava in Nis.
The new playground is fully equipped to meet the various needs of numerous kids. The event was attended by Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic, Imlek Marketing Director Slobodan Srekovic, and members of the Nis City Council. The realization of this action was supported by the City of Nis, so that the park of St. Sava could receive new content for children. On this occasion Mayor Darko Bulatovic said that this was another proof that only by helping one another we could be happy. “Happiness is always in the hands of the one who gives, but also the one who receives it. I would like to thank Imlek Company on My Little Cow playground, which will bring happiness to our youngest fellow citizens, but also their parents” said Mayor Bulatovic. “This is a big thing for our fellow citizens and little ones, and it is the example how a company can contribute to the development of quality of life in the city. This is one of the safest playgrounds, “said the Nis City Council Member for Economy Mihajlo Zdravkovic.


October 26th

Public hearing on the proposal for the Strategy for Improving the Position of Persons with Disabilities in the Republic of Serbia by 2020 was held at Nis City Hall today. The strategy defines key areas of impact on the situation of persons with disabilities in terms of ensuring: accessibility, participation, equality, employment, education and training, social protection, health care and other activities that contribute to equalizing the capacity of persons with disabilities. Assistant Minister for Labor, Employment and Social Policy Mr. Vladimir Pesic said that, in order to improve the overall social and economic situation of people with disabilities, all social actors should take full part in proposing certain measures and activities, envisaged by the Action Plan that would follow this strategy. Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic greeted the audience and said that the City of Nis would have role to play in the struggle for equal participation of people with disabilities in all aspects of social life. “We from the local self-governments have the obligation to influence the implementation of strategic documents, through the decisions that we will make”, said the Mayor, adding that the local self-government will, within its possibilities, strive to allocate budget funds in the best possible way. Respect for human rights is our priority and we will try to develop different types of services through project activities that will be put into the function of people with disabilities.


October 26th

 The Humanitarian Music Event “Remove the Barriers”, organized by the Association “Dragana Rodic”, was held in the ceremonial hall of the University of Nis for the ninth time in a row. The goal of this event, which brings together famous musicians in one place, is to remove barriers in the minds of people and to socialize and spread positive energy despite differences. The message that has been heard is that we all need to be aware that it is our obligation to help each other at any time. On this occasion Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic receive the honorary association’s membership card.