August 26th

The presentation of the results so far and the conditions in which the Safe House in Nis has been functioning has marked the five-year existence of this institution for the protection of victims of domestic violence. The ceremony was also attended by the Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic who had the opportunity to see on the spot the engagement of employees in the Safe House, which, in five years, turned out to be a well-organized institution.

Since the beginning of this year, to date, 43 women have asked for assistance and accommodation in the Nis Safe House, which is more than during the entire previous year. 10% of the total number of women who went through this institution is older than 60 who are suffering violence from their children. Therefore, the Safe House in Nis, in cooperation with relevant institutions, will launch educational forums for the empowerment of women and the elderly to report perpetrators.

Alcoholism, pathological jealousy and poor communication are some of the causes that lead to violence in partner relationships, according to the latest research results conducted by the Safe House in Nis. Women who have survived family violence remain in the Safe House for a maximum of four months, and at that time, professional officials help them to become independent, so as not to return to the perpetrators. An important message for all who endure family violence is to recognize it first and not to be afraid of decisions to report it or resist it. It is still necessary to work on educating young people, because they are the ones who will marry tomorrow and educate their children who can influence changing the wrong attitudes about family violence.


August 22nd

The Airline Wizz Air has launched a new flight from Nis to Dortmund. The passengers will be able to fly to this city in Germany and back to Nis on Tuesdays and Saturdays. By tradition, the plane was greeted with “watery greeting”. These flights will make it easier for many to get in touch with family and do business in major European cities.Two weeks ago, Wizz Air introduced flights to Memmingen and Eindhoven, and last year to Malmo and Basel. It is estimated that around 125,000 passengers will pass through the Nis Airport by the end of this year. “This is another destination, another opening of the city, another window to the world, one more step towards the goal of making our city the economic center” said Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic. In addition to this Hungarian airline, flights from Nis to Bratislava, Düsseldorf, Milan and Berlin will soon be launched by the low-cost airline Ryanair.


August 22nd

51st Festival of Acting Performances in the domestic feature film traditionally began with the reception at Nis City Hall. Apart from actors, directors and filmmakers, the reception was attended by people from the public life of the city, and the guests were greeted by the newly elected Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic.

Later, on the Nis Fortress Summer Stage, the president of the jury, Ms. Sloboda Micalovic, received the keys to the city, which has been tradutionally handed over to the president of the jury by Nis City Mayor for past 51 years. Mayor Bulatovic said: “What I can say tonight, as a host, on my own and on behalf of all of you, we will try to hold the most spectacular Film Festival since their establishment next year, because the actors Serbia deserve it, and the Citizens of Nis,who are the best film audience in the world, also deserve it”. The president of the jury, Ms. Sloboda Micalovic, thanked for the hospitality and stressed that she was glad to be in Nis this year: “I hope that we will enjoy good films together, thank you for nurturing the film and the actors and and we will always return to Nis. The Fortress is ours. “


August 19th

Republic of Serbia Minister of Economy Goran Knezevic, Nis City Mayor, Darko Bulatovic, the director of the company “Cooperatif IMI Evropa” Erik de Candido, signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the opening of a new production facility of the Dutch company, which would employ 1,250 people in Nis in the coming years.

On this occasion Ministar Knezevic said that he was glad that such a significant company was coming to Nis, and that this city would be one of the cities where the government would provide all assistance to bring them back to days of old glory. “I am convinced that new days are coming for Serbia. Next year we will break the ground for the new factory,” Knezevic said after the signing of the Memorandum at Nis City Hall. “All policies that we will implement through the Ministry of Economy are going to increase production and employment. This requires political stability, the continuation of financial reforms. City of Nis will be targeted to be one of the cities where the government will provide all assistance to restore the city on the paths of old glory. Nis deserves it, “added Minister Knezevic.

Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic said that he was pleased with the Memorandum with clearly expressed willingness to implement an investment worth more than 30 million euros in Nis and employ 1,250 people, of which more than 30 percent will be highly educated experts and engineers. “As a local self-government, we give full contribution to the economic policy of the government, employment of citizens as a priority, and we are doing everything to fulfill our obligations on time, “said Mayor Bulatovic.

The General Director of IMI Europe Erik de Candido pointed out that they were welcomed by the local authorities in a great way, informed t adequately about laws, ways of doing business, introduced to the right people from all spheres of business, university life, presented to investors who were already doing business. “All of this, as well as the presence of qualified labor force, made us choose the Nis, to be the place of our new investment project. Our company has a great experience in the opening of its facilities abroad, our criteria have been met and this is very important to us, “said de Candido. He emphasized that his company’s project implies a “green” investment, the construction of a plant at 20,000 sqm, and that he expects to employ 1,250 workers over a period of 10 years.



August 19th

The Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic and Nis City Member for Sports Branislav Kacar met today with Stasa Gejo, a member of the sport climbing club PAEK, which won the first place in the general position of the IFSC. A very successful Nis sportswoman, whose father is one of the pioneers of sport climbing Slobodan Gejo, has been awarded the City of Niš gratitude for her outstanding contribution to the promotion and improvement of Nis sport. Stasa won the European Youth Championship in Langenfeld Austria. This is the seventh consecutive win in competitions for young Europe and the world.
Stasa won this year in all four European Cup and Championship competitions so she won first place in the IFSC General Placement for 2016 with a total of four competitions with a maximum of 400 points.


August 17th

Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic awarded the free tickets for Nis Film festival to the Nis students and athletes who achieved outstanding results at international competitions.
“We decided to give free tickets for the upcoming Film Festival, which were distributed to city officials before, to young and talented fellow citizens who have made significant results in international competitions and sports events. With this symbolic gesture we want to show that we care about young and talented people who represent the future of this city and to present them in some way to the public at this important festival for our city”, said Mayor Bulatovic.


August 12th

The reception was organized at Nis City Hall for Serbian athlete Nenad Filipovic, who is the only athlete from Nis, who will compete in individual sports at the Olympics in Rio. Thanks to the involvement of Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic and Nis City Council Member for Sports Branislav Kacar, the financial problem that Filipovic had was overcome and he would be able to dedicate himself to the Olympic Games competition without interruption.

“We hve found a financial solution for the departure of Nenad Filipovic to Rio, but we will not stop there, and after returning from the Olympics we will solve his problem of working relationship, so that he can dedicate himself to training,” said Mayor Buzlatovic and wished much success to athlete Filipovic who mwoulc compete fast walking at the Olympics.

Nenad Filipović expressed his gratitude commitment to solving his problem and announced a fierce battle for a better position in Rio. He will leave for Brazil tomorrow, and on August 19th, he would compete in racewalking for fifty kilometers, which is the longest athletic discipline. The Mayor presented Filipovic with the flag of Serbia with the desire to represent his city and country wothily in the games in Rio.


August 12th

The 2016 Nisville Jazz Festival, which will feature 110 performances by 660 artists on 11 stages, kicked off at the Nis Fortress late on Thursday. Local act NaissBlue opened the festival on the main stage and the Belgrade Dixieland Orchestra performed next.  Its founder, trombonist Ljubomir Matijaca, one of the pioneers of Serbian and Yugoslav jazz, also received a lifetime achievement award on the occasion which was presented to him by Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic.

The International Nisville jazz festival is the largest and most-visited jazz festival in Southeastern Europe. The festival is the offical cultural event of the City of Nis (since 2005) and also “the festival of national value”, according to the rankings by Serbian Ministry of Culture in 2010. The importance of the festival was also recognized by Serbian Ministry of Trade and Services, Serbian Chamber of Commerce, as Nisville festival was the winner of the award “The best from Serbia” in 2011. The Tourist Organization of Serbia includes Nišville as its official offer in tourist fairs throughout Europe. In the European Union magazine “New Europe”, published in Brussels, the festival has been reviewed as the “European face of Serbia”.
Since the first edition of the festival in 1995, Nisville has been promoting the multiculturism as the inevitable characteristic of the contemporary jazz music. The festival’s concept is based on presenting the ‘traditional’ jazz forms together with their fusion with the world music tradition, with the emphasis on the music from the Balkans. One of the most famous jazz magazines, the American ‘Downbeat’ values Nisville as the important musical event as the promotion of both the traditional Balkan music and American jazz heritage. According to the magazine, Nisville speciality is the popularizing the blend of the two.


 August 10th

International Jazz Festival is biggest in SouthEastern Europe, and for years festival is defending principles of Europian values and multiculturalism. The 22nd Nisville jazz festival that would be held August 11-14 was announced at the press conference today held at Nis City Hall. The festival will feature 110 performances by 660 artists on 11 stages.

On the behalf of the City of Nis, Deputy Mayor Prof. Milos Bandjur spoke at the press conference and said that Nisville was a prestigious musical event that gathered renowned musicians and admirers of this specific musical genre. Deputy Mayor Bandjur thanked numerous volunteers as Nis would be in the colors of jazz volunteers during this year’s Nisville Festival. Recognizable at every step, they will spread positive energy and give a great contribution to the successful organization of Nisville.

The influential British Guardian published on its site a list of the top 10 jazz festivals in Europe, sorted by the date of the festival, and the list included Nisville. “We are proud that a local music festival earned such a treatment in European music circles, “Deputy Mayor Bandjur said, adding that Nis citizens showed they liked to listen to jazz and that this was a festival of true lovers of the music.


August 2nd

Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic met with the Consul General of the Republic of Bulgaria in Nis Edvin Sugarov at Nis City Hall. The two officials discussed the cooperation between the city and the consulate and the further improvement of cooperation.

“The City of Nis and the City of Sofia have excellent long-term cooperation, and the cross-border cooperation is also of interest for the two countries, which is reflected in joint projects funded by the European Union and which are very important for improving the co-existence of two peoples in the border areas, “said Mayor Bulatovic. He pointed out that it was agreed to form two teams that will work together to improve the cooperation and help realize all projects that are mutually important. Two companies owned by Bulgarian citizens – PZP Trace and Niska Brewery are successfully operating in the city, and in the economic sense, the improvement of relations between the two countries is very important.
The Consul General of the Republic of Bulgaria in Nis Edvin Sugarov congratulated the Mayor on the election for the first man of the city and wished him a lot of success in further work expressing the belief that the cooperation will continue to be high in the future.