The Chairman of Niš City Assembly, Mr. Boban Džunić held a meeting with the heads of the Councilor groups in the Assembly of the City of Niš today. The session was attended by Mr. Zvezdan Milovanović, the head of the Councilor group ALEKSANDAR VUČIĆ – FOR OUR CHILDREN, by Prof. dr. Mile Ilić, the head of the Councilor group IVICA DAČIĆ – SOCIALIST PARTY OF SERBIA, UNITED SERBIA – DRAGAN MARKOVIĆ PALMA, by Mr. Dragoslav Ćirković, the head of the Councilor group NIŠ, MY CITY, by Mr. Nikola Marinković, the head of the Councilor group SPAS NIŠ, and by Mr. Slavoljub Savić, the head of the Councilor group UNITED PENSIONERS OF SERBIA-PUPS.


During the discussion on the planned items on the agenda of the 3rd session of the City Assembly of Niš, scheduled for Wednesday, on September 9th, 2020, the Chairman Džunić pointed out his readiness to all proposals that would improve the future work of the Niš City Assembly.


In addition to the good and constructive cooperation with the executive part of the administration, the Chairman Džunić stressed out that the Department for the City Assembly Affairs is available to all Councilor groups in terms of professional assistance and in-work support.

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