June 4

Huawei Company representatives visited Nis and met and discussed the cooperation on the project Nis – Smart City with Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatović and his associates, as well as with the representatives of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications. At the working meeting at Nis City Hall Huawei’s delegation presented the potentials and capabilities of this technology giant, which had already been implemented in a number of cities, and whose functioning greatly enhanced the functionality of these cities and had a particularly positive impact on the quality of life of residents. This is primarily reflected in the reduction of traffic and communal problems, which again leads to a reduction in pollution, energy efficiency, and savings in electricity and ultimately in saving money needed for the functioning of the most important city systems. The Mayor expressed great satisfaction with the speed of implementation of the agreed because, as he said, barely over a month passed since the visit of Serbian national state delegation to China and the exchange visits of the City of Nis delegation and Huawei Company delegation already happened. “This tells us about the importance of this project, but also about our desire to include Nis as one of the world’s major cities in which the Smart City system is already functioning and delivering excellent results, primarily for the benefit of the citizens,” Bulatovic said. Milan Dobrijevic from the Ministry of Telecommunications said that it was important to define the priorities and dynamics of the project implementation, and as soon as possible to determine the systems where the smart technology would be implemented first. “At this moment, there are a range of 15 offered opportunities and the expert teams of the Ministry, the City of Nis and Huawei will define the first three whose implementation will be foreseen in the first phase, and that will be those systems that are most visible and beneficial for citizens, “said Dobrivić. The Mayor also walked with the guests from China to the central Nis streets, presented the history and culture, and invited them to be guests of our city, but at the time of the summer festivals, in order to meet Nis at its best.