The meeting dedicated to the progress of the project of collection and treatment of waste waters in Nis between the City of Nis Project Unit with the representatives of the Swedish International Development and Cooperation Agency (Sida), the representatives of the EU delegation in Serbia in charge for the projects in environmental sector, the representatives of the RS Ministry of Environmental Protection took place at Nis City Hall. Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic pointed out that this project was of great importance for the city and citizens of Nis and that, for the purpose of the construction of the wastewater treatment plant, about 500 land parcels out of a total of more than 600 parcels had been expropriated. Nis project includes 6 important infrastructure components, estimated at over 50 million euros, with over 35 kilometers of city sewerage network. The development of the necessary infrastructure in the area of water management in Nis was made possible by Sweden, the largest bilateral donor of Serbia in the field of environmental protection, and the representatives of the Sida assessed that the process of preparing technical documentation was going according to the planned dynamics. According to official data, about 8% of municipal wastewater is being treated. By 2041, we should fully comply with the European standards for this area and build 320 plants for the treatment of waste water in Serbia. The project of collecting and processing wastewater in Nis will be one of the first in this area.

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