The awards were presented to the winners of the award Emperor Constantine and Empress Jelena for the most successful companies in seven categories. The first winners of the newly established public recognition awarded by the City of Nis for the business results achieved in 2017 are the companies Philip Morris, Leoni, Johnson Electric, Monikom and Vizus in the categories of the best companies, employers and exporters. The prize for the best beginner in the business was awarded to the startup company Future Reward System, while the Corporate Social Responsibility Prize was awarded to the Naissus Club of Businessmen. At the same time, the University of Nis was awarded for contributing to local economic development. At the ceremony organized at the University of Nis, the Mayor of Nis City Darko Bulatovic presented the award and on that occasion he pointed out that it was the intention of the City of Nis to express its gratitude to the best companies, entrepreneurs and institutions that have made an priceless contribution to the positioning of the City of Nis on the map of Serbia as a strong regional center, but also as an ideal destination for new investments. “We named the award after Emperor Constantine and Empress Helen, the patrons of Nis and introduced it with the intention of it becoming a prestigious award for the most successful companies that contribute to local economic development and improvement of the business climate index of our city” as Mayor Bulatovic said and added that the way of working and cooperation with investors, the experience of existing investors and the way of promoting and valorizing the potential of the city, such as – the University of Nis, the industrial tradition, the existence of infrastructure in the city, the connection of the city with European and Balkan roads, as well as professional and qualified human resources – were a clear message that Nis is the city of the future! The decision to award this kind of recognition was made by the Commission comprised of the highest representatives of the City, the Office for Local Economic Development, the Regional Chambers of Commerce, the City Economic Council and Nis Association of Economists with full respect for the proposals made by relevant organizations and institutions such as are Help, Eneka, National Employment Service, Advanced Technology Cluster, Deli Space and Start-up Center.

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