The exhibition of paintings by a Slovak author, Milosav Dvorak, was opened at Synagogue Gallery in Nis. The exhibition was jointly organized by the National Museum of Nis, the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Belgrade and the Honorary Consulate of Slovak Republic in Nis. The opening ceremony was attended by Her Excellency Dagmar Repcekova, Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to Serbia, Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic and Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic in Nis Stela Jovanovic. Ambassador Repcekova said that she visited Nis for so many times that she no longer felt like a guest, and once again thanked Nis citizens and the host city for outstanding hospitality sincere friendship. She said that the cooperation so far in all areas was excellent, and that she was convinced that it would be even wider and better in the future. Mayor Bulatovic said that rarely a country turned out to be such a good and faithful friend to Serbia as Slovakia was, and that this exhibition was another proof of that. The author himself, Miloslav Dvorak, said that he was immensely happy about the opportunity and honor to exhibit his works in Nis and that he was thrilled with the fact that his paintings were in the extraordinary ambience of the Nis synagogue and that the Serbian audience would have the opportunity to see them. Otherwise, Milosav Dvorak is a Slovak mid-generation author. He is a

a doctor, specialist in neuroscience, by vocation  while painting  is a hobby and love from an early age.


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