At the press conference held at Nis City Hall Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic that the companies Zumtobel and IMI would open their factories in Nis in the following two months and that the construction of the first phase of the apartments for members of the security forces would start. “We are expecting new jobs because we have the opening of IMI and Zumtobel. President Aleksandar Vucic will attend the opening of these factories as well as the beginning of construction of apartments for members of the Army and the Police. This two-year period was marked by the strong support of the Government of Serbia and President Vucic to the City of Nis because without state aid we would hardly be able to realize such significant investments, “Bulatovic said. Mayor Bulatovic pointed out that the new employment would further reduce the unemployment rate in our city. At present, there are about 26,000 unemployed people in Nis, according to the mayor, and the number of newly employed increased by 16,000. Bulatovic stressed that the number of tourists has increased by almost 100 percent, and that this was the result of the overall economic environment and the atmosphere in the city. When it comes to the housing construction project, Nis and Vranje are the first cities in Serbia where the implementation of this state project will begin. “We are fully committed to the first phase in which 198 apartments will be built, and we are also working on the preparation of a new location for apartments,” Mayor said. He said, referring to the report he submitted to the members of Nis City Assembly, the previous two years were difficult and that the City managed to repay 2,6 million debts inherited from the previous period, stabilize public finances, regularly service current obligations without any new borrowing. The Mayor pointed out that the state gave 330 million dinars to the City of Nis, that the money was in the city’s account and that it would be used in the event of unforeseen expenses. Mayor Bulatovic reiterated once again the City Hall was open to all citizens for their questions, proposals and suggestions.





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