Nis City Deputy Mayor Milos Bandjur met with the prominent Russian actors who were staying Nis during the manifestation Days of Russian Film. Artists from Russia used the opportunity to socialize with film lovers and respond to journalists’ questions, and after the press conference held at Nis City Hall the hosts and guests visited Nis Fortress. The Festival is held at Cinema Vilin Grad. The screenings of the movies are free. The Festival was opened by Pavel Drozdov’s film We Will Not Say Goodbye”, which the Serbian audience will see immediately after the Russian premiere. The citizens of Nis will have the opportunity to see the drama Coach directed by Danilo Kozlovsky, the war thriller We Will Not Forgive by Pavel Drozdov, the comedy I Am Losing Weight by Aleksei Nuzhnya, as well as the thriller The Gogol Beginning by Egora Baranova, the drama Dovlatov by Aleksej German and the fantastic story The Last Knight by Dmitry Djachenko and comedy Hello, Oksana Sokolova by Kiril Vasilyev.



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