June 29th

The public debate on the draft of the new Law on Gender Equality was held today attended by the State Secretary at the Ministry of Labor, Veterans and Social Affairs, Ms. Stana Bozovic and Nis City Deputy Mayor Milos Bandjur.  Preventing discrimination against women in employment, the right to equal pay, promotion and improvement, banning the media from promoting prejudice and stereotypes towards women, are only part of what the new Law on Gender Equality offers. The draft law has also raised the rankings for political parties, as it is predicted that at least 40% of the candidates of the less represented sex should be included in the electoral lists. Also, public authorities are obliged to take special measures to ensure gender representation when proposing permanent Serbian delegations in international bodies and appointments of the collegial republic and other bodies. An important segment is dedicated to suppressing violence against women, which, thanks to the activities of all competent authorities, is no longer a “taboo” topic in our society. The draft law devotes a great deal of attention to the suppression of gender discrimination in the field of labor, which provides equal opportunities for employment, promotion, and training.

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