June 26th

Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic welcomed the participants of the discussion devoted to the prospects for enlargement of the European Union during the presidency of Bulgaria. On this occasion he said that the entry of Serbia into the EU is a strategic goal of the Republic of Serbia and that the City of Nis, as a local self-government, was doing everything to support the efforts of our government, by incorporating reform measures into its decisions. “Through the adoption of strategically important documents and action plans that are in line with the documents of the European Union, we want to contribute to accelerating of the reform process and show that we are a good partner to the Government of Serbia in its efforts to bring us closer to EU membership,” said Mayor Darko Bulatovic. Ambassador of Bulgaria to Serbia H.E. Radko Vlajkov said that Serbia and Nis were Europe and that Bulgaria strongly supported Serbia’s progress towards EU membership. He stressed that for this reasons the Sofia Declaration wasimportant, not only encouraging accession, but also because it put major joint projects in the field of infrastructure into the forefront, which, not only established cooperation among the countries of the Western Balkans, but also connected people, and that was the essence of the European Union.