June 20th

The City of Nis, with its decision on encouraging the development of talented secondary school and university students, envisaged scholarships as one of the types of incentives, for talented secondary school and university students which achieved top results during their previous previous education. Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic presented the scholarship contracts to talented secondary school and university students today. “Being the best is the privilege of a small number of people, and the path to success is filled with great work, dedication and sacrifice. Ambition, with the awareness of the goal to which it is pursued, as well as the enormous work and effort, inevitably leads to success, with great contributions made by your teachers as well as your parents. The City of Nis is proud of your success and wants you to continue this way. Today, we are awarding ther scholarships to 29 secondary school students and 67 university students. I hope that these numbers will be bigger next year, and I am convinced that the good news that we are receiving about your successes will be more noticeable in the future because you are the true capital of this city and our state, “said Mayor Bulatovic on the occasion of the awarding of the scholarship contracts. He congratulated all the awardees. The City of Nis has allocated 7.5 million dinars for schoalrships for talented secondary school and university students this year. The monthly amount of the scholarship is 6,500 dinars. According to the Mayor, the City of Nis will allocate 50% more funds for scholarships for the next year, compared to this year.

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