Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic and the director of the Nis Branch of the National Employment Service, Boban Matic, signed today an agreement on the realization of active employment policy measures for 2018. The agreement envisages that 72 milion dinars of the joint funds allocated by the City of Nis and the National Employment Service will be used for the implementation of the programs and measures of the Active Employment Policy. On the basis of this agreement, the following programs and measures will be implemented: subsidies for self-employment, subsidies to employers for job creation, practical knowledge acquisition program, training program at the request of the employers and public works. “The increase in employment is at the top of the development priorities of the City of Nis. The city has allocated 40 million dinars for this year, which is 20 million dinars more than last year, if the funds allocated by the National Employment Service are taken into account, “said Mayor Darko Bulatovic. He added that, in the last three years, Nis has reached record low number of unemployed. “These results could not be realized by the City of Nis without the support of the state, and I would like to thank the President of Serbia and the Government of our country for this support, who recognized the significance of Nis and understood how important it is to invest in Nis. Thanks to them, a large number of investors were brought to Nis, which significantly influenced the reduction of the number of unemployed people. “The mayor said that the city’s strategic goal is a stable and sustainable growth of employment, a reduction in informal employment and unemployment, and the creation of new measures to meet the demands of the labor market.

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