The Day of Victory over Fascism in the Second World War was marked today by laying of flower wreaths at the monument to the liberators of Nis on the Square of King Milan. Nis City delegation led by the Mayor Darko Bulatovic paid their respect within the official ceremony. The delegations of the Serbian Armed Forces, the Police, the Nisava Administrative District, the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center and many others also paid their respects to the war veterans who fought against fascism. Previously, in the Army Hall, the academy was held on which occasion the memories of the glorious days and the struggle for the final breakup from Nazi Germany were evoked. In the presence of the city’s leaders, the wreaths were also laid at the monument dedicated to Russian pilots from where the crowd of citizens gathered to embark on a symbolic walk in the streets of the city with a simple message that the revival of this kind of ideology should never happen again. Serbs had the significant role in the victory over fascism and thousands gave their life for freedom and respect for human dignity. Today, the Republic of Serbia firmly stands for the principles of peaceful co-operation and advocates tolerance and cooperation with other Balkan countries, but also contributes to overall efforts to achieve stability in the region.  On the same day the Day of Europe was celebrated by the exhibition of creative works created in the EU Info Corner and programme for children.

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