March 30th

Public debate on the Law on Climate Changes draft, which represents the answer to climate change and the consequences of these changes, was held today in Nis City Assembly Hall. Minister of Environmental Protection Mr. Goran Trivan, who presented the law, said that one of the priority tasks of our state would be, among other things, afforestation of the terrain. Trivan pointed out that, in his opinion, this was one of the most important laws to be adopted by the current parliamentary convening because it applied to all sectors of society. Trivan pointed out that this law was important because our country belonged to the regions that would be most affected by climate change, as the central annual temperature here was likely to grow fastest. According to the Minister, it is necessary to work on raising awareness, but also to undertake actions on a global and national level that can mitigate the effects of climate change. The change in land use, poor waste water management, forest damage, etc. led to an increase in carbon dioxide concentration by 40%, an increase in average annual temperature by one degree in the last 100 years. Also, it was emphasized that the role of local governments in climate change is very important, and for this reason it is important to hear what this law is lacking from the perspective of those working on the local level. Public hearing was attended by representatives of the city, city municipalities, public utility companies scientific and educational institutions, expert inspections and services and civil society organizations.