February 13th

Тhe round table gathering the representatives of the cities and municipalities on the topic of  Internal Dialogue on Kosovo and Metohija was held in Nis. Dusanka Golubovic, the president of SCTM and the Mayor of Sombor, on this occasion pointed out the gathering was organized with the desire to start a dialogue on how to share the knowledge and experience of cities and municipalities with the municipalities from Kosovo and Metohija. The round table was also attended by Minister of State Administration and Local Government Branko Ruzićc and the Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija Marko Djuric. On behalf of the City of Niš Mayor Darko Bulatovic welcomed the audience. “Times require local self-governments to take part of the burden and responsibility for state and national politics and protection of interests,” said Marko Djuric on this occasion.

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