“The past year was not easy at all, but we had a clear goal in front of us, a clear policy that we implemented and that followed the measures of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, we respected the suggestions from the Fiscal Council and managed to make the first step towards the stage that the City of Nis could smoothly function and fulfill its obligations. The revenues in the budget are the highest for the past five years and we managed to stabilize public finances, “said Mayor Darko Bulatovic at an annual press conference held at Nis City Hall.

“The year that passed was marked by the reduction of unemployment, the investment in science and the beginning of the construction of the Scientific Technology Park. There are currently 27,200 unemployed people in Nis, but this number will decrease next year because we expect to open new factories. The construction on four new factories started this year: Zumtobel, IMI, the new Johnson Electric Factory, Leoni. We opened Aster Textile factory. At the beginning of next year a public invitation will be launched for the construction of Aqua Park in Niska Banja. We will continue with the preparation of the project for construction of wastewater treatment plants, the biggest environmental project in Serbia; the renovation of facades on more building in Nis is also awaiting us. We expect to continue work on the construction of the railway bypass around Nis. It is a unique project of reconstruction and electrification of the Dimitrovgrad-Nis railroad section, and the construction of a roundabout around Nis, 21 km long, with two railway stations at the Airport and Pantelej is part of this project. We will work on the reconstruction of the pedestrian bridge and the new looks of King Milan Square”, Mayor Bulatovic added.

The Mayor stressed that this was only part of the activities that were being implemented or whose realization is expected to be realized at this moment. “We are taking care of the roads in the city, we are working on increasing the safety of all traffic participants, our institutions are successfully implementing cultural events, we are allocating more funds for cultural events, for social care programmes. There is a lot of work ahead of us and we are going to work hard and every kind of criticism and suggestion is welcome because it is the common goal for all of us to make our city a better place for the life of all citizens”, concluded Mayor Bulatovic.

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