Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic met with the Macedonian sports delegation that was visiting the city as a guest of the Section of Sports Journalists in Nis, on the occasion of the event of the presenting the award to the athletes of the year from Nis, organized by the Section of Sports Journalists. The delegation was comprised of the leaders of the Association of Sports Journalists of Macedonia, Mr. Bosko Trpeski and Mr. Dejan Tanevski, as well as the Macedonian football legends Mr. Koco Dimitrovski and Mr. Blagoj Istatov. Mayor Bulatovic pointed out that the two countries had good diplomatic and sports relations, and especially emphasized that both nations achieved significant results in the collective and individual sport. He announced that the City of Nis had new plans related to the improvement of sports infrastructure in Nis, which would greatly affect the future goals of Nis clubs and their achievements. He announced that City of Nis would try to find the suitable location  for the construction of a multifunctional hall, which would create all the necessary conditions for maintaining the world’s highest sports ranking in Nis.