November 3rd

Based on the agreement on joint implementation of programs and measures of active employment policies signed between the City of Nis and the National Employment Service – Branch Office Nis, 4 different measures of active employment policy were financed. The programme budget is 54.5 million dinars, out of which the City of Nis provided 30 million, and the National Employment Service provided 24.5 million. Those 4 active measures are reffering to public works, subsidies for employment of unemployed persons in the category of hard-to-employ people in newly created jobs, subsidies for self-employment and a program of professional practice. The total number of people assisted in this way is 364 persons. “The increase in employment is the top of the development priorities of the City of Nis. One way to solve the problem of unemployment is to provide subsidies and to encourage the development of entrepreneurship, since the launch of family, small and medium-sized enterprises is an important segment in the fight against unemployment. However, in order to achieve this, it is necessary to create the appropriate economic environment and legal regulations in accordance with international standards, thus giving incentives to both domestic and foreign investors who are ready to open new companies and employ people. The great value that this City already possesses represents an educated and professional workforce and it represents a chance for the future” as Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic said on the occasion of awarding the contracts.