October 19th

Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic welcomed the participants of 13th International Conference at Nis City Hall. TELSIKS is the leading scientific meeting in South-Eastern and Central Europe in the field of telecommunications. On this occasion Mayor Bulatovic emphasized that he was very pleased that this conference has been in existence for 24 years and has been gathering a large number of eminent experts from the country and abroad, which unambiguously spoke about its significance and quality. The chairman of the conference, Prof. Dr. Bratislav Milovanovic, pointed out that the conference could not be as successful as it has been for many years if it has not been supported by the City of Nis. He stressed that TELSIKS is the leading conference and that scientists and experts from the field of telecommunications from more than 30 countries have been involved in its work. Traditionally there are works from countries that have a great scientific reputation in this field, such as the United States, Germany, England, France, Italy and other countries.

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