August 1st

The City of Nis will continue to support the activities of young, talented people who achieve top results at prestigious international and domestic competitions in various fields of science or sport, as it was said today at a reception hosted at the Nis City Hall for some of them who participated in conferences outside the country in recent months with the support of the City of Nis. In the last two months, the City of Nis, through its Youth Office, supported the participation of as many as 57 young talents at various gatherings and competitions, and, as said, in the next year, they would seek to increase the funds for this purpose. The City of Nis is trying to help young talented people continue their development and improve their knowledge beyond the borders of our country, but also to create the necessary conditions for the development of science in Nis. Young talented people are a valuable human resource that needs to be presented and assisted in every way so that they would stay in their own city, present their results here. The care for the young must be systematic and continuous in order to improve their position and ensure their active participation in society.

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