July 13th

The presentation of the Balanica Cave was held in Sicevo, and it was attended by the Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic and the members of Nis City Council. Seven years ago, in Balanica, a cave in the Sicevo George, the fossil of the ancestor of today’s man was found, for which the laboratories of the University of Bordeaux and Quebec, in Canadian Montreal, confirmed that it was half a million years old. The discovery was published by prestigious scientific journals Human Evolution and Plus One. Cave Balanica has thus become the third-oldest archaeological site in Europe, where the research of the international team of archaeologists has recently been continued. Before the archaeologist, gold diggers passed through this cave, which destroyed some evidence. Nowadays, the caves are explored rapidly, where, besides the jaws of our ancestors, many animal remains and stone tools from the Paleolithic were found. Experts say that it would not take a lot of money to prepare he site which is older than Krapina in Croatia and Petralona Cave in Greece.