The City of Nis marked the 208th anniversary of the Battle on the Hill of Cegar. At the Skull Tower chapel the clergy of Nis Eparchy served the memorial liturgy for the heroes who died in the battle. The wreaths were laid at the memorial complex above the city by the representatives of the City of Nis, the RS Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, City Municipality Pantelej, Serbian Army, Serbian Police.

The major battle between Serb rebels and Turks took place more than two centuries. The leader of the Serbian army was the Duke Stevan Sindjelic, while the Turkish army was led by Khurshid Pasha. Around 40,000 Turks were stationed in Nis Fortress, while outnumbered Serbian Army had 18,000 fighters. When numerous Turkish troops penetrated into the moat, the Duke Stevan Sindjelic fired a pistol in a warehouse of gunpowder. All the Serbian soldiers and about 12,000 Turks were killed.