May 24th

Nis City Council Member Branislav Kacar was the host at the reception organized for the members of the Table Tennis Club for people with disabilities Nais who, competing for the Serbian national team, won 6 medals and four cups at the first international tournament in Podgorica. Besides the Serbian national team the teams from Croatia FYROM and Montenegro participated in the tournament. According to table tennis players, the conditions for training in Nis and the past problems have been overcome.

According to Branislav Kacar the conditions were fulfilled for Table Tennis Club for people with disabilities Nais to compete for the funds allocated by the City of Nis. He congratulated the athletes on the excellent results and promised that the city would help to further improve their conditions for training and announced the reconstruction of table tennis home the following year, as well as adopting toilet facilities for the people with disabilities, which currently posed a problem. In addition, through the Sports Association of Nis, the sports equipment will be donated and the City will help with the trip to the competition in Germany this July.

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