May 24th

“Football Club Radnicki Nis is the city club and therefore we are extremely concerned about the latest developments in connection with obtaining euro license. As the City of Nis administration we have always tried to help Football Club Radnicki to overcome financial problems in the previous period in order to be able to compete in the national football league and to respect all the laws of our country. For this reason we are concerned because of the fact that some football clubs, which are record holders in long-term debt and whose bank accounts have been blocked for years, found virtually “overnight” money and unblocked the accounts. We think that it would not be a good idea to ignore the laws of our Republic, and that it is necessary to respect the rules continuously, not just when it suits individuals. Football is not just a game on the field but and fulfilling legislative obligations.

As the City of Nis we are concerned with the possibility for the club who has been working “illegally” for years to obtain the license. If this really happens, it will definitely reward contempt of the state and its laws. The data at our disposal show that Football Club Radnicki Nis paid around 9 million in taxes to the Republic of Serbia, as well as 30 million dinars for the arrears of the past in the last two months.

City of Nis  will continue to support sports and athletes, and we sincerely hope that the respect for the laws of the country is above all,” as Nis City Council Member Branislav Kacar sis in his press release.

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