April 13th

Nis City Council Member Mr. Bojan Krstic has opened Outdoor Science Classroom today at the Regional Center for Education which is part of the Corporate program “Together for the Community 2016” supported by NIS.

Seven projects from Nis were supported by NIS Programme being selected as beneficial for the local community. Outdoor Science Classroom is the part of the project Nis Has Knowledge Park. The project established Outdoor Science Classroom in the courtyard of the Regional Center for Education where the children, students and youth from Nis could learn more about science in a more popular and fun way. The teaching tools such as Pascal Throne (Fakir Chair), Archimedean Spiral Notebook, Magnetic Tunnel and Galileo’s Pendulum were installed in the courtyard.

These installations will be used for organizing public classes for children and students of Nis preschool institutions and schools. Outdoor Science Classroom will complement the work of the Center Science Club. The Installations in the outdoor classroom are unique because they are interactive encouraging visitors to participate.
“The City of Nis will always support such projects and I sincerely hope that this is a good start of something much more complex and larger, where students and all those interested will find their own scientific playground” as Councilor Krstic said during the opening ceremony.