April 11th

Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic opened the exhibition entitled The Caravan of Kovacica Naïve Painting at Nis Officers’ Mess Building. The exhibition includes more than 50 works of painters of naive art and for the first time, in one place, it gathered all the members of the Gallery of Naive Art of Kovacica, which is, on the world cultural map, known as the center of naïve painting. The opening of the exhibition was attended by the Nis City Council Member Mrs. Jelena Mitrovski as well as the President of Kovacica Municipality Mr. Milan Garasevic, who was the creator of the whole idea of the caravan of naïve paintings. The characteristics of Naive Art from Kovacica are strong colors. Each of the painters from Kovacica brings something special to this style of painting; each of them has its own distinctive style. The motives of these artists are taken from living and working in rural areas.