April 7th

As the part of the NIS corporate programme “Together for the Community”, which, for the past seven years, has been implemented with the support of the City of Nis, Higher Technical School of Professional Studies and the Youth Club Palilula implemented the project of manufacturing the pressing machine for recycling cans and plastic bottles, unique not only in Serbia but also in Europe and it could rightly be said to be an innovation in the field of recycling and environmental protection in the 21st century.

“The City of Nis recognized the importance of the proposed solutions to resolve the problem of waste collection, which was why we chose this project as one of those who were supported through the competition “Together for the Community” in 2016. Given the conditions that need to be fulfilled to join the EU we considered it necessary to raise awareness of the importance of collecting waste in a proper manner and the importance of recycling, and the proposed solution provides progress in this segment. On the other hand, this project is significant in the context of the support to young people, considering the fact that the students could apply what they learned at the Faculty and that will be very important for finding the job in the future”, as Nis City Council Member Branislav Kacar said.

In 2009, NIS started “Together for the Community” Programme and it has been upgrade each year. This program includes cooperation with municipalities and cities in which the company NIS a. d. operates with the goal to improve the quality of life in those communities in the spirit of corporate social responsibility and the need to connect local communities and significant commercial entities. This Programme has been implemented in Nis for past 7 years and 70 million dinars were invested in more than 50 projects implemented by local organizations and associations.

In 2016, based on the results of the competition, 7 projects were supported and each of these projects, each in its own way, contributed to the quality of life in the local community.

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