Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic and Nis City Council member Sasa Zivic spoke today at a reception at the City Hall with participants of the International Symposium “Living with Autism-from the perspective of the patient, parents and professionals” held in Nis. Mayor Bulatovic said that the local government will do everything in accordance with its capabilities to facilitate the social inclusion of people living with autism and participate together with the professionals in creating programmes that could help them achieve maximum individual progress. He pointed out that autism represented a condition that required greater care of society and all of us have to develop tolerance and raise awareness of the children, but also parents and the community in general about the need and importance of cultivating love, understanding and acceptance of diversity by providing support to those in need. Andy Shih who heads the association “Autism Speaks” pointed out that it community involvement was extremely important and the existence of high-quality multi-sectoral collaboration to ensure that people with autism may become members of the community who can contribute to its development. There are more than 500 people in Nis with diagnosed autism. Most of them are children. Their parents founded the association trying through its activities to improve their quality of life.