December 27th

The adaptation of the Nis Airport Constantine the Great Building, which was built 30 years ago, started today. Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic and the Members of the Nis City Council Milos Milosevic and Igor Vojinovic visited the works. On this occasion, Mayor Bulatovic said that, for the first time after three decades, some investment were made into adaptation of the airport building financed from the city budget. “The adaptation of the roof and the roof structure will be done, the isolation of the building itself, the light domes, in one word the airport building will get a completely new look and I am sure that, after the completion of the works, the arrival in Nis and the first encounter with the city will be better for everyone.” He emphasized that the value of the total works that would be carried out during this and next year on the adaptation of the airport building, the renovation of the counters and the technical equipment of the airport will be 37 million dinars. City of Nis allocated 35 million dinars, while the rest of the funds were provided by Nis Airport itself. “Next week, there will be 2 more passenger and baggage check-in counters installed and  in this way, theairport staff will be able to serve a larger number of passengers in less time, because now, when we have 9 regular lines, we need to reduce crowds and waiting in lines. We will continue to invest next year. A new power supply unit will be purchased for the supply of airplanes, as well as X-rays to check luggage, which will also ensure safety at the airport at a much higher level. The airport is important not only for Nis but for the development of the entire southeastern Serbia and our strategic commitment is further development of air transport and investment in modernization of the airport, “the Mayor concluded.

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