December 22nd


The subsidies in the amount of 4.7 million dinars have been allocated from Nis City Budget by the Action Plan for Employment for 2016 for employers who will hire the unemployed persons from the hard-to-employ category including young people under 30, older than 50, workers declared redundant in their companies, members of Roma nationality, people with disabilities and working-age beneficiaries of financial social care assistance. The subsidies in the amount of 150,000 dinars per person are allocated for the employment of people with disabilities and 180,000 for the employment of working-age beneficiaries of financial social care assistance. In this way, 62 of our fellow citizens were hired by private citizens.  “The City of Nis, on the basis of the Employment Action Plan, has defined these funds because we want to establish stability and maintain a trend of growth in employment in the city, and in this way we also want to help those who, due to age, objectively have major problems with opportunities for employment, and also to encourage employers to hire individuals older than 50 years, and young people, without experience. Of course, the City will continue to help. Our goal is to train a large number of our fellow citizens for occupations that will be needed in the future, due to the arrival of new investments in our city.  Next year, three major investments will be realized and new jobs will be opened, which is our goal. We want to further develop the economy and create the conditions for our fellow citizens to be employed, to stop the outflow of young people abroad, “said Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic, who awarded contracts to the employers. He stressed that 30 347 persons are currently unemployed in Nis, which is less than last year and added that the realistic expectation was that this number would be even lower in 2017 due to new investments that would be realized. By establishing the Local Employment Council and adopting the Local Action Plan for Employment for this year, the City has in fact recognized the possibility of influencing the employment policy in its territory and establishing measures to reduce unemployment. 30 million dinars for incentives for employment will be allocated from the city budget for 2017.

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