December 16th


The public debate was held on the financing of sports programs in local self-government units attended by RS Sports Minister Vanja Udovicic and Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic. “Serbian top athletes began their sporting career in small clubs, school halls or open terrain in local self-government units. Today, these sports clubs are facing a problem that is reflected in the lack of financial resources, reliable work and development, on the one hand, and the lack of, or inadequate sports infrastructure, on the other. Local level sports organizations have limited resources, and often have a very narrow base for income, so that their sustainable funding is a functional priority, “said Mayor Bulatovic in his introduction speech to the debate  adding that the City of Nis, given the new law on sports and rules on club financing, decided to fund clubs through projects. This means sports clubs are assisted through the financing of their projects which are evaluated by Commission for Sports formed by the City of Nis comprised of renowned, winner of sports prizes, professors, selectors of national teams or, in a word, representatives of all relevant sports factors in the city, who therefore have a high level of expertise and objectivity in assessing submitted projects.

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