November 21st

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic and Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban visited today the new 9.4km Prosek- Bancarevo road section on the eastern branch of Corridor 10.Vucic presented Orban the works on the whole Corridor 10, and particularly the eastern branch leading from Nis to the Bulgarian border. Orban congratulated the Serbian Prime Minister on everything that has been done and what he saw and especially commended the quality and speed of works. Also, the Prime Minister of Hungary was interested in the details of the implementation of the construction of Corridor 10 through Serbia. Vucic said that the completion of Corridor 10 through Serbia will significantly shorten the travel from Budapest through Belgrade towards Bulgaria, Macedonia or Greece. Also, we will have much safer roads, and vehicle traffc will be significantly increased, said Vucic. According to Vucic, the eastern branch of Corridor 10 is one of the most difficult sections because of mountainous landscapes. Vucic presented Orban the current works on Corridor 11, important for linking Serbia with Montenegro, as well as the planned construction of the motorway Nis-Pristina, adding that Nis is becoming a regional center and a major crossroads.

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