November 18th

The cooperation agreement was signed between the City of Nis and the humanitarian-ecological organization “From Bottle Cap to Smile”, so that boxes for the collection of the plastic bottle caps could be placed at the premises of Nis City administration. This initiative is supported by numerous institutions and companies. It is especially important that this action has a threefold role that is to recycle waste, to think about the environment and to develop humanity and solidarity with children and in people. In Nis, there are dozens of locations where you can leave bottle caps, including schools, but also socially responsible companies and public institutions. “We will be honored and pleased that this action is being implemented in the premises of the city administration, where boxes for collecting bottle caps will be placed on the basis of the signed contract. I sincerely believe the employees and all those who come to our premises will show a high level of social responsibility and that we all will actively participate in the implementation of this campaign, which aims to help children with disabilities in performing activities related to their education. Once again, I thank the organizers of this action for their readiness to include Nis in this story, and I hope that we will achieve successful cooperation,” said Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic on the occasion of the contract signing.

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