November 14th

The traditional award Stevan Sremac for best literary work in prose, awarded by the City of Nis, was given to writer Ljubica Arsic from Belgrade for the novel “Door of the Paradise”. The work “Door of the Paradise” is in the opinion of the jury chaired by the writer and literary critic Vasa Pavkovic, our best prose work in 2015.  The award-winning novel, also stated in the explanation of the jury, in a lucid, female delicate manner, represented an elapsed time from the perspective of a quieter, everyday life. Receiving a prize at a ceremony held in Nis City Hall, Ljubica Arsic said that Sremac was always a welcome cousin who could not be forgotten. The award Stevan Sremac was awarded by the City of Nis and the Nis Cultural Center for the 13th time, and the award was presented to the writer by Nis City Council Member Jelena Mitrovski Mitrovski. Ljubica Arsic, the professor of Serbian language and literature at Music School Mokranjac has written than 10 books, stories and novels. She was awarded six times for her works, and for the novel “Door of the Paradise” she was shortlisted for the prestigious Award of the NIN Magazine for 2015.

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