November 10th

The Olympic Committee of Serbia and Zaječarska Brewery decided to donate Sports Shooting Club Nis 1881, which is one of the most successful Nis sports clubs. On behalf of the club, the donation was received by a well-known representative in shooting and a winner of numerous medals at World, European and Balkan competitions, Lidija Mihajlović. She thanked the donor and the Olympic Committee of Serbia for assessing that this money would be used best by the Nis shooting club and added that it would be used for the purchase of electronic targets. Thus the quality of training will be improved. Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic said that it was very important that there were socially responsible companies that, with their donations, help not only sports clubs, but also the City of Nis. He added that the Shooting Club Nis 1881, for more than 100 years of existence, successfully represented Nis at the most prestigious European and world competitions. “Our celebrated representative in shooting gun rifle and the winner of many European, world and Balkan medals, Olympic Games participant, Lidija Mihajlovic is the ambassador of sports not only of our city, but also of Serbia. In one word, her results, but also the results achieved by other competitors of this club, have attracted and attract a great number of young people to train this sport”, said the Mayor, adding that the local self-government, in turn, will try to help secure quality training conditions as this is a prerequisite for achieving good results.