November 7th

Turkish Cargo is the first company to transport goods regularly from Nis Airport to Istanbul and today, for the first time in the history of Nis Airport Constantine the Great, one of the largest planes Air Bus 330 landed. Turkish Cargo will fly on the Istanbul-Nis-Istanbul line every Monday, and the plan is to achieve the turnover of goods of 4 000 tons in the first phase. According to people from the Turkish airline, this will be significant, not only for businessmen from southeastern Serbia, but also for Bulgaria and Macedonia, as no cargo traffic is available at their airports. Therefore, Nis has great potential to become the center of cargo traffic for this part of the Balkans. Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic pointed out that the establishment of a cargo line with the Turkish capital was important for strengthening the economic relations of the two nations and stressed that there was much talk about the arrival of new investors from Turkey to Nis. Turkish Ambassador to Serbia Mehmet Kemal Bozaj said that the establishment of this cooperation was the result of very good relations in the sphere of traffic between Serbia and Turkey. He said that he expected the potential of the Nis Airport to increase in the coming period and that he believed that the number of freight flights would increase, and hence the quantity of goods transported. Turkish Cargo has more than 330 aircrafts in its fleet. Each is up to 7 years old so that the fleet of the Turkish airline is the youngest fleet in Europe. Currently, they fly to 293 destinations in 117 countries of the world.

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