October 20th

Representatives of the Russian delegation from Rostov and the Kozak businessmen association met the Nis Deputy Mayor Prof. Dr. Milos Bandjur and his associates and discussed the potentials of Nis and the environment for the establishment of economic cooperation, especially in the field of agriculture. This is only the first in a series of meetings to be organized in order to connect Russian and Serbian agricultural producers in order to increase the export of domestic products to the Russian market, in accordance with the required standards. In our region, 60 000 households are engaged in agriculture. One third of the territory occupies agricultural land and most is under wheat, while only 12% is intended for fruit and vegetable production. Nis City Deputy Mayor Prof. Dr. Milos Bandjur said that the City of Nis was ready to support any form of cooperation with Russian businessmen. He added that the Russian delegation was informed about the potential of cooperation with our city, mostly in the field of agriculture, but also about the possibilities for cooperation in the processing of agricultural products and exports to Russia. The Deputy Mayor stressed that it was possible to improve cultural cooperation and emphasized the importance of spiritual connections between the two countries, but it was of paramount importance to extend these relations to the economy. One of the representatives of the Russian delegation, Mr. Vasilij Filipovic Hejlo, said that the goal of their arrival in Nis was to help the Kozaks in Serbia, as well as to establish the economic base and cooperation with businessmen in Serbia.

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