October 16th


Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic met today with the RS Minister of Mining and Energy Mr. Aleksandar Antic and talked about solving the city problems for which the help of the line ministry would be necessary. It was agreed that in the next few days, Minister Antic, Mayor Bulatovic and EPS Director Grcic would meet in order to solve the problem of locals in the Nis City Settlement of Crvena Zvezda, whose electricity was cut due to unpaid bills. The goal is to find a solution through the most favorable electricity debt reprogramme, to solve this problem in the shortest possible time so that the residents of the Roma settlement could have warm and bright houses in the winter. Minister Antic said that the Ministry of Mining and Energy would provide assistance to the city in order to equip industrial zones, especially the industrial zone Lozni Kalem and West industrial zone.  The goal is to completely equip the land and put it in the function of the city’s development. At the meeting there were also a number of projects mentioned that the city would submit to the ministry. Mayor Bulatovic said that the policy of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, led by Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, was being implemented, which put citizens and solving their problems at the forefront. “We, as a responsible local self-government, will do our utmost to make the city functional for its citizens and it is our primary task”, said Mayor Bulatovic. Minister Antic pointed out that the Government was making great efforts to make Serbia develop. He said that all parts of Serbia must develop and that this was the reason why the Government would be located in Nis for 7 days, because the whole South of Serbia deserved it, since it had given most to Serbia, and that the attitude of the state toward the south of our country was finally changed. “Our energy sector must provide the necessary energy for economic growth and development, and with regard to the plan of Elektroprivreda Srbije, will foresee all investments that will enable the working zone in Nis to be put into operation so that they are ready for the arrival of investors. Together, with City of Nis, we will successfully implement the energy policy,”said Minister Antic.

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