October 15th

“The goal of the city management is to revive the abandoned and devastated sports terrains on the location of Small Trench in the Fortress which used to be used for recreation by Nis citizens for more than a decade, and which are now in a very bad condition”, said Nis City Council Member for Sports Branislav Kacar who visited the location together with the State Secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Predrag Perunicic. This project City plans to realize in three phases. The first phase includes basketball courts with stands and dressing rooms; the second one is about the reconstruction of volleyball courts, while the third includes football field and athletic track. The goal of this project is to provide multifunctional sports facility that will activate and encourage all children and youth, as well as all other citizens of Nis, to engage in sports and recreational activities. At the same time, new terrains for recreation, preparatory and competitive activities would be provided for volleyball, handball, basketball, gymnastics and athletics. Perunicic and Kacar also visited the location in Brzi Brod where the construction of an athletic track with all the athletic battlefields is planned. State Secretary Perunicic promised that the competent ministry will do everything to give the city support for the implementation of the reconstruction project for this sports complex, in order for it to be put into operation. Perunicic emphasized that the ministry’s goal is to make recreational sport a mass activity.

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