October 12th

On October 10th the Nis Association of Pensioners celebrated its 70th anniversary. Deputy Mayor Niša prof. Dr Milos Bandjur greeted everyone present at the ceremonial academy and pointed out that the city was proud of the fact that the Nis Association of Pensioners was one of the oldest in Serbia and that today marked the 70th anniversary of its existence. “Seven decades is not a small period, and certainly the past generations of our pensioners are to be thanked for the stable and long-lasting work of the association. According to the latest statistics, Serbia has a total of 1.7 million pensioners and therefore it is very important to implement measures to prevent and combat poverty, especially the poverty of older people and pensioners, as well as measures that will ensure the quality, faster development and more even territorial distribution of social care institutions and the bringing closer services and capacity to users.The most adequate response, not only for a better life of pensioners, but for all categories of society, is the sustainable economic growth of the society. A fundamental economic issue is a fair and sustainable sharing of resources between the working people and the unemployed and every effort is made to ensure that economic growth and productivity are sustainable. It is important to enable all members of society to engage in creating a better and more humane attitude towards pensioners and creating a much more favorable position in the society of this extremely important social category of people, “said Deputy Mayor Bandjur. According to him, the times are difficult, but the City of Nis is ready to meet the needs of the pensioners according to its jurisdictions and to provide every kind of logistical and other assistance within its competences. We must not forget that this age requires certain obligations of the society and that the time that elderly people spend should be of equally high quality and content, as in the younger population.

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